Top tips when buying perfume

Buying perfume is a bit like buying clothes. After a while you get to know what suits you, what doesn’t and how to find the perfect match to suit your individual style. Here are a few tips from industry experts to consider when choosing a perfume.

Tip 1: You can’t tell what a perfume is like by smelling the bottle. Instead, apply the perfume to your wrist and allow up to 10 minutes for the fragrance to develop, and blend with your skin’s unique features. Then it’s decision time - buy, or try another one?

Tip 2: To avoid confusing and overwhelming your sense of smell, don’t try on more than three or four perfumes at the same time. You can use our Fragrance Finder to help you narrow down your choice and find the perfect scent for you.

Tip 3: When sampling, consider developing a ‘perfume wardrobe’ with perfumes for different seasons, occasions, and moods. A perfume for casual, evening and romantic wear will cover most requirements. With our comprehensive range, you’re sure to find a perfume for every occasion - all in one place, and at great prices.

Tip 4: Even concentrated perfumes do not last for the whole day, so re-apply every 3-4 hours, so make sure you stock up on your favourite scents.

Tip 5: It is perfume oils that give perfumes their fragrance, so check the category when selecting your perfume. The higher the concentration of perfume oil, the longer the perfume will last. Here are the typical concentrations by category:

• After Shave 0.5 - 2%

• Eau de Cologne 3 - 5%

• Eau de Toilette 5 - 8%

• Eau de Parfum 8 - 15%

• Parfum 15 - 30%