DIfferent regIons, unIque tastes

DIfferent tropIcal regIons around the world produce cocoa beans wIth unIque characterIstIcs.

Central and South America

• Costa Rica: fruity with a balanced cocoa flavor.

• Panama: classic cocoa flavour, with subtle fruit and roasted nut flavours

• Colombia: deep and rich with moderate fruitiness – slightly bitter.

• Ecuador: known best for the Arriba bean and cocoa with well-balanced floral and fruity notes.

• Brazil: well-balanced, often with subtle fruity notes.

• Venezuela: complex fruit – often of ripe red plums and dark cherries.

• The Caribbean: deep and earthy, with fragrant tobacco notes, complex and well-balanced.

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• Madagascar: light citrus flavour, reminiscent of tangerines.

• Ghana and Côte d‘Ivoire: deep, classic flavours – lends balance to more complex beans.

• São Tomé: bold, upfront chocolate notes with underlying roasted coffee tones.

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South-East Asia

• Indonesia (also identified on bars as ‘Java’): well-balanced, with clean cocoa flavours.